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Samir / 02.03.2023 / star icon5
There are quite a few customers who do not really think about betting and lose everything. In my opinion, this is very stupid, because so thoughtlessly treat money - strange. Thanks to Fat Santa slot you will be able to earn really huge finances. Of course, not everyone will be able to earn kush for kush, so know how to lose. Quite a cool machine with a simple interface, in which you do not have to understand for a long time.
Yermak / 02.05.2023 / star icon5
I know very well that there are many casino scammers who cheat their visitors and don't pay them their fair winnings. Fat Santa has all the necessary licenses and certificates, so you don't even have to worry about this point. Every winnings are paid out in full. I have used different casinos, but most contained all the stinging machines.
David / 03.04.2023 / star icon5
They have not been playing for that long, about three or four months, and during that time I managed to make 150,000 roubles. Not to say that this is a huge finances, but I am more than satisfied with it. But you know, it turned out to win Fat Santa slot game with variable success, often and lost his entire bankroll. Remember that when choosing a casino with Fat Santa machine should pay attention to the gambling club.
Sonny / 03.07.2023 / star icon5
I have been trying for a long time to find a good slot machine that suits me both visually and technically. It gives me to go in at any time to start winning finances. Thanks to the characteristics in Fat Santa now play all my acquaintances and even colleagues at work))) I like everything here, there is good earnings.
Michael / 05.06.2023 / star icon5
If I had known a few months ago that I would be quite successful playing casino - I really wouldn't have believed it. But everything turned out very well, and I am very happy with it. Here at Fat Santa you can have a great time and make good money at the same time. Try to play the demo format in advance to learn about all the secrets in advance.
Debra / 05.07.2023 / star icon5
I like the concept of this machine, even if sometimes winning doesn't work out and I lose in the junk. It was here that I got my first winnings. Even when getting a seemingly small multiplier x150 you will win well in the end. But you can always risk Fat Santa slot and poke at max bet, there generally all questions will fall away. I would probably advise everyone to try the game in the casino - what if you get lucky?
Tamerlan / 06.03.2023 / star icon5
I was advised to play here by my good friends, who were winning 20-30 thousand almost every day. I first thought that it was chance and luck, but in the end I found out that they follow certain tactics. So I looked at it and decided to try something similar. I want to say that I succeeded very well. But still, if you have little knowledge, you should not get involved here.
Radima / 09.05.2023 / star icon5
In casino gambling club you will find not only pros, but also cons, it is in all establishments without exception. Therefore, choose a casino that respect their rules so that gamblers can withdraw Fat Santa game slot their honestly received winnings. Do not fall for scammers who will try to do everything to make you lose your investment and nothing won. Remember the ability to run demo mode to see if everything suits you, as well as check out common tactics and combinations to play game.
Boris / 10.04.2023 / star icon5
I liked this Fat Santa machine so much with its friendly Christmas theme, I just can't tell you. That's how cozy winter evenings to sit and try to win money, watching the funny Santa eating pies and getting wider. You will get your first winnings already in the first days of gaming, and to be more confident in your actions enough to practice in the free version.
Elijah / 12.03.2023 / star icon5
Here you can find a sure start, the indicators are really good, what to talk about animation and picture. Be aware of the various drawbacks, but this is more about the gambling establishments themselves, some of which are created Fat Santa slot game by scammers to suck your finances. In a good club, winnings are credited to your account almost instantly so you feel confident.
Fedor / 12.05.2023 / star icon5
You should soberly assess your chances, and if you have enough bankroll for 100 spins, do not try to play long, trying to win the jackpot. Take your small x, yes and already happy about it) Remember that you can always change the machine, if you suddenly something in it does not suit you. Yes, and for the sake of a change of scenery, too, will come in handy. Freespins game reels give various bonuses for online payouts.
Beatrice / 15.04.2023 / star icon5
Here you will notice a huge assortment of Fat Santa machines, this will give you the right to choose. Almost all machines have good indicators, which include volatility and RTP (somewhere it even reaches 98%). Personally, I did not have any problems, but I heard that some guys lost their investments. But I think this is more likely due to their own illiteracy.
Gonzo / 15.06.2023 / star icon5
Before you sign up look at the visitors' comments and check out the reviews, they talk about almost all fundamental things. There you can also hear about promo codes and different promotions Fat Santa game slot. The more you deposit and spend, the higher the chances of acquiring a good score. Yes, and the promotions will help with that too.
Ignat / 17.03.2023 / star icon5
I have been playing at casino 1xbet for a while now, and apart from betting and sports betting, there are a lot of other machines here. First of all, I would recommend you to pay attention to the demo mode, it will give you experience, and when you already understand how and what to do, there is already a good earnings will go. I judge by myself, but everyone can have their own methods.
Jean / 17.05.2023 / star icon5
As I think it is best to pay attention to the play that you are interested in and have a high level of RTP. Graphics here is interesting, yes and cool features, from the minuses it is worth noting only Fat Santa game slot maximum jackpot - x6405. But even this is not so bad, especially for beginners, who could not see more))) Most often I play table or card games, others I throw in slot. Successful winnings will then pursue you, it works here so that if you managed to win at least once, then it will be again and again, although it does not work for everyone.
Zoe / 20.03.2023 / star icon5
Casino Fat Santa has pluses that relate to both its characteristics and graphical features, here the developers have tried their best and drew such moments very well. Also worth noting that the slot has high values of volatility and RTP that affects the big wins, which are not so rare. Bonus incentives should be activated to increase your deposit.
Radik / 20.04.2023 / star icon5
Well, how to so tell everyone especially so as not to overpraise the machine)) Fat Santa is a cool slot that will tell us about a good wizard who loves delicious pies, just enough to hunt for them and expand in symbols))) Wild here is made not only interesting, but even funny. Withdrawals are fast, there are also plenty of Fat Santa slot game promotions and other offers so you can boost your own deposit level. In a couple of months you can well accumulate about 200k or more.
Julia / 20.06.2023 / star icon5
If you really want to play somewhere, I'd probably recommend trying 1xbet or Pin-Up. These are well-known brands, each of which has been around for over 6-7 years with a large number of fans. The administration here listens to the opinion of customers, and all unclear situations are solved on the spot. As for me - the playing field will be especially suitable for fans of Christmas)))
Charlotte / 22.05.2023 / star icon5
I have long tried to find a machine that would suit me in many ways. I am quite a demanding gambler, so in addition to good values of the characteristics is very important that there was also a graphical component. And here it is done at a very high level. There is some kind of Christmas spirit here, I would say))))
Ivan / 25.03.2023 / star icon5
Cool and simple slot, with available bonus features and easy to understand mechanics. Here you do not need to memorize all sorts of stuff and then hope to win just by using it. Come here and spend your time as relaxed and pleasant as possible. Kush turns out to break somewhere once in 400-500 scrolls, remember this when forming a bankroll.
Vol. / 25.04.2023 / star icon5
I have long been looking for an additional place where I could earn money in addition to work, because my salary is not so big. I thought about all sorts of things, including cryptocurrency, but it is quite complicated, so I decided on something simpler - gambling. I will say at once Fat Santa slot game, it is better to study it in theory before losing in practice))) For a month, like something yes learned, at least now in the plus come out).
Melina / 25.05.2023 / star icon5
I play in gambling clubs not so often, probably the habit remained from the two thousand years, when one-armed bandits were at every turn. Now this office in the Internet moved to the Internet, such sites are just a pond. But that's not the point, because not so long ago I tried to play Fat Santa - it's almost perfect. Beautiful, interesting, and profitable.
Victor / 25.06.2023 / star icon5
I would like to say right away that slots gambling is not for everyone. Before you start going into this area is really worth sitting down and thinking about whether you need it. Fat Santa is a really interesting apparatus that will give you to play and win, but it is better if you pick up under your style of play the appropriate strategy to lose as little as possible.
Daniyar / 26.03.2023 / star icon5
Eh, I like the way Push Gaming approaches the creation of software, because it not only comes out very beautiful visually, but also favorable for visitors. Win here you can win without problems, but it is best to check the indicators in demo format, it and quickly, and spend your nerves Fat Santa slot game slot will not have to because of losses. Making small bets in the absence of a large deposit will still be able to hit the jackpot.
Leonid / 26.06.2023 / star icon5
The slot machine is on the main page, so use your email to register so that Fat Santa slot slot you think is a really good idea.
Theodore / 27.04.2023 / star icon5
Play Demo in the software from Push Gaming is suitable for testing the chosen game tactics and deciding in principle, whether this slot is suitable for further play. The range of casino has a significant number of machines, but I would advise a sensible approach and choose what you will be interested in, so that you eventually do not burn out and not stop playing. Rabbit free will give you new lines, and it is worth using a holiday to register lines.
Igor / 28.04.2023 / star icon5
Casino for Play Game has a significant number of icons, and Santa himself expands throughout the machine to eventually fill its 5x5 squares. Push Gaming know a lot about creating good machines, you can't take that away from them here. The main feature in the Wild sign, which is represented by Santa himself, hunting for tasty pies. If he manages to eat a certain amount - it increases in size and spreads across the reels.