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Fat Santa slot how to play

It is very easy to play Fat Santa, thanks to which it is possible to select the line bet with the help of a large and red round button. It's not difficult, especially since you can apply a clever interface, thanks to which every gambler can apply any operation just with a single click. All 50 paylines are fixed, so you just have to poke on the arrow that is located together with the total bet field to access the beta characteristics in the main menu.

Stakes can be changed from 0.20 to 25 coins per spin, so users can be both beginners and high rollers. Fat Santa slot applies a buy-in bonus feature, thanks to which you can enjoy a round of free spins with the purchase of a one-time additional payment of 80 times the line bet. This is quite expensive, but the free spins feature can also bring in a lot of funds. That's enough to recoup your costs, so you can only hope that Fat Santa slot will be on your side. In the gaming menu you can see the payout table and information to play. The payout table is dynamic, so each payout is displayed while taking into account the value of the bet made. Also, you should not forget about the autoplay feature, which goes all the way up to 100 spins. It is recommended to take advantage of the loss limit, as well as the single win feature for a reality check to track and control your bankroll.

Fat Santa basic rules

Basic Rules

When Christmas is your favorite holiday, Fat Santa will let you enjoy a similar theme, because now you don't have to wait for the weekend to arrive. The slot has a great elaborate cartoon design. But now instead of those lush green hills, the background of the game depicts a perfect winter scene, with the action taking place somewhere in the North Pole, where our favorite elderly man resides. The main grid for the game is surrounded by a Christmas tree, there's also a comfy chair, beautiful pictures and Christmas decorations set in Santa's little wooden hut at the North Pole. The game reels are greeted by brightly colored gift boxes, and along with them you will see reindeer, Santa's elf and snowmen.

The most useful standard paying play game casino symbol in Fat Santa is Santa's elf, providing payouts of 0.8, 4 and 20 times your stake for winning combinations of three, four and five respectively. Next is the fluffy reindeer, which provides payouts of 0.6, 3 and 16 times your stake reserved for three, four and five matching symbols collected on the same payline. Meeting the same number of snowmen on the same line can provide payouts of 0.4, 2 and 10 times your bet respectively. Other symbols featured in Fat Santa, including gift boxes and Christmas decorations, bring payouts of 6, 2 and 1.6 times your bet reserved for five identical winning combinations. A review on the games and players site will give you an idea of what to do among the popular machines. You can get the answer to your email. To see the deposit or volatility, click on the information bar, you can also log in.

High value symbols

Any online casino gambling club will attract the attention of users. The brightly colored interface will remind you of Christmas cards that are really dressed up. The playing field has a format of 5x5, and it is located from the front of a beautiful landscape in the snow, which is decorated with motley attributes of the new year, which acts as a prize symbolism of the game. Here you will notice Christmas tree balls of different colors, gifts and Santa's helpers - snowmen gnomes and reindeer. To collect combos you will need to use 50 or more active payout lanes. The bets have a limited range of play, from 0.25 to 25 coins. In addition to the main symbols, there are also special symbols:

  • Fat Santa symbol. This is a Wild symbol, which is able to replace the usual symbols that form a paytable chain.
  • Christmas Pie symbol. This is an extra symbol that feeds Santa and subsequently replaces the standard icons with itself.

All successful spins with the participation of the service symbol accompanied by the original special effect, because of which the game has a certain zest. Festive mood will support the pleasant accompaniment in the music. Beautiful design and thoughtful design provides a huge demand from customers online casino. RTP of this model, according to the developers' stated parameters, is 96.45%.

Fat Santa High Value Symbols

Winning combinations

Gamblers have the opportunity without registering at the gambling club to start a free game in demo Fat Santa. The slot does not have a risky game, bonuses and jackpot. However, free spins as well as Wild Santa Klaus will increase the winnings in the establishment, which is a known fact. Play Game Fat Santa will take place on five reels, on which you will find five rows and 50 lines. To win in the casino prize combinations are created. Playing in Fat Santa from developers from Push Gaming you will tell the story of Santa Claus, who will scatter wilds and give out gifts to everyone who has behaved well this year. Festive design and cheerful animation adorn the slot machine, as mentioned below. On the reels are bright pictures of Christmas tree balls, gnomes, snowmen, reindeer and the hero himself. The slot exudes a marvelous winter fairy tale. At the bottom of the casino you will notice the control panel. To create a prize chain must fall out a minimum of three and a maximum of five identical signs. Buttons to control the possibilities of the machine are presented on it. Emulator Fat Santa works on many platforms. You can right now run demo slot even without registering and without going to your machine in casino. Played in a combination of signs should be located on the neighboring reels, starting from the leftmost. Playing the machine is available on computers and mobile devices. When you win your bet is multiplied by the received coefficient, the table can be opened in the machine itself.

Interesnye features in Fat Santa slot

Fat Santa is represented by a slot that contains 50 paylines and five reels playing in a 5x5 grid. You will need to line up three or more icons on one of the lines to catch winning combinations. The Fat Santa wild will substitute for all the standard images, resulting in a huge potential for new winning combinations. The cheapest signs are Christmas tree ornaments for the new year, which have green and blue ornaments. When collecting such a combo, you will get a multiplier of x1.6 for five signs, while red and orange toys will bring you x2. Symbols that possess pictures are Fat Santa's best gifts, as a present will get you x6, a snowman x10, and Santa's best friends, reindeer, will bring you x16. The helper elf and Fat Santa himself are the biggest symbols in the game, each of which will pay out a 20x multiplier when you get five icons on a winning line. The wild pie will feed Santa to make him increase in size (he can obscure the entire field). This changes the base game to create good winning potentials. In the event that Santa eats everything on the field, he will swell to a 5x5 icon which will increase your bankroll significantly. The main gift that is available in Fat Santa machine is a jackpot of x6405 from your bet. Thus the payout can reach the size of 160 thousand coins if you played with the maximum bet. Playing for freespins requires you to spend a few thousand rubles on the paid bonus. This will be a great solution that offers a lot of options on how you can win in the game.

How to activate freespins

Push Gaming has done considerable work with the Fat Santa machine, which is reminiscent of another of its hits, Fat Rabbit. Only now the green fields where the rabbit used to hop are replaced by a winter landscape, where you'll now need to look for pies instead of carrots. But still the gameplay itself is quite similar, and you will play on a 5x5 grid. Loading Fat Santa machine will start with the fact that you will see a log cabin, which is covered with snow. The door is marked with a holiday wreath, and on the roof are gifts for children. The reels feature card symbols in the form of Christmas tree toys, while the big payout symbols come in the form of snowmen, Rudolph the reindeer and a jolly elf named Buddy. Don't forget Fat Santa himself, he's a jolly wizard and it's not hard to imagine him. The main characters have a distinct cartoon style that fits perfectly with the design of the machine.

The game emulator offers you to find and eat all the pies, spending your Christmas in the company of Santa! Of course, our modern Christmas came from Germany in the Victorian era, but Santa Claus - or St. Nicholas as he was known - was a bishop in the ancient Greek city of Myra back in the first century AD. He was known for his kind character and generosity, giving away gold coins and other gifts. Therefore, today's holiday is marked by gifts of chocolate coins in stockings. Remember the option to use the free games feature, but if you don't get the bonus, it can be purchased at a cost of x80 of a spin. All gamblers rave about the pleasant soundtrack, during which bells sound and there is a festive atmosphere. Like the fat rabbit before it, Fat Santa slot is bright and stylish and the quiet and peaceful sounds are perfect.

How to activate Fat Santa free spins

Hints and tips for a successful game of Fat Santa

Online phone version of Fat Santa can be run from all iOS or Android devices. You won't need to save the machine to install it on your device. You can enjoy the New Year's Eve giveaway from Santa directly from your browser. To do this, you will need to go to a casino with a line of software from Push Gaming, starting to play Fat Santa as finances, and in free demo format. The main condition is the connection of internet access on your tablet or smartphone. The bonus game of Fat Santa works in this way:

  • Santa's sleigh is triggered randomly during the main play. When flying over the reels, Christmas cakes remain in the cells, fixed in their place, performing the function of a substitute.
  • Freespins in Fat Santa will be active when the Fat Santa sign and at least one pie appear. With free scrolls the wizard will be moved to the pies, the number of which is accumulated and the value is displayed in the counter. Thus Santa will be increased in size, which allows you to activate additional free spins.
  • Purchase feature. An additional fee, which will be the size of x80 of the value of the bet gambler can activate the function of free spins, not expecting that will fall out special symbols.
  • Apparatus Fat Santa will give you free to play without registering, and this can be done on the site with the presented software from Push Gaming.
  • The demo format has a major advantage, which is to explore the prize potential without investing your own money.

The company provides absolute identity demo format with the paid counterpart. so each result of a spin in the demo can be repeated with real bets. When choosing a gaming place to look at where the machine is produced. Branded machine is located only in a licensed casino. The developer is able to guarantee full protection of products from tampering and ensures that the stated technical parameters correspond to the real characteristics.